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J. Nehru

If you’re a surfer you’ve probably already done your homework and are headed to Playa Grande because it’s one of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica for consistency and swell direction.

The main peak is a two minute walk from our front door with fun hollow peaks that break left and right over the sandbar. Mid to high incoming tide bring the best waves but the outgoing tide works as well.

If you want to surf all day long you can hit the low tide at the Tamarindo river-mouth at the south end of Playa Grande. Avellanes, Langosta, Playa Negra and Junquillal are all within a short drive from Playa Grande is you crave a different wave every day.

Witch’s Rock/Ollie’ Point is a great full day trip and they will pick you up at the hotel. For those of you who haven’t experienced the joy of surfing yet we have great beginner lessons available with experienced surf instructors. You’ll start off down the beach in small waves with no one else around in a fun and safe learning environment. They want you to love it!

There are several places to rent surfboards… everything from high performance short boards to boogie boards as well as surf accessories and clothing.