2021 Ford Escape PHEV Video Review: Not Quite Enough

After a delayed start in the market due to minor battery issues, the 2021 Ford Escape PHEV is now on sale,

hoping to take some of the spotlight away from the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

Our latest video covers the plug-in Escape in-depth and demonstrates how it just doesn’t measure up to its main competitor.

Despite this, the Ford Escape PHEV has two very important things going for it: efficiency and price.

Our week-long test of the car showed a combined MPG figure of over 80 miles per gallon when we tried to mimic a short work commute.

That number was achieved with nightly charging, which allowed the Escape to do roughly 35-37 miles of EV range before relying solely on the gas engine.

The grille looks to sit higher than before, which sits just below a new hood.