How long are NHTSA investigations supposed to last?

The NHTSA's position on these Honda issues has not been clarified since December.

For the CR-V, only one recall has been announced this year. It is due to airbag system wiring that results in a slower than necessary inflation rate.

The lone issue that led to a recall in 2021 included a clip that might come free within the gas tank and result in inconsistent readings on the gas gauge.

The two recalls announced in 2021 also included one for faulty seat belt tensioner releases and one for fuel pump problems.

The average inquiry by the NHTSA lasts roughly a year.

If it decides there is no need for additional investigation,

it either shuts them or decides a recall is required in conjunction with the manufacturer. So, four months have passed since this problem began.

Therefore, it will probably be resolved before 2023 comes to an end.